Welcome to the Warranty Section

We strive to provide the best customer service experience – from your initial contact with our dedicated Account Managers all the way through to our Warranty Team. We’re here to provide you with the best possible technical guidance to support you and your business.

For Leader Technical Support call 1300 789 701 or email 
Warranty Support on warranty@leadersystems.com.au

Leader Warranty Branches

Leader SA Head Office

165- 187 Franklin Street,
Adelaide SA Australia 5000
Phone: 08 8112 6000 | Fax: 08 8112 6066
Email: warranty@leadersystems.com.au

Leader NSW Branch

Unit 2, 42-44 Boorea Street,
Lidcombe NSW 2141
Phone: 02 7903 5000
Email: nsw.ra@leadersystems.com.au

Leader QLD Branch

637 Toohey Road,
Salisbury, QLD 4107
Phone: 07 3151 6000
Email: qld.ra@leadersystems.com.au

Leader WA Branch

39 King Edward Road
Osborne Park WA 6017
Phone: 08 6369 6000
Email: wa.ra@leadersystems.com.au

Leader VIC Branch

37-53 Whiteside Rd,
Clayton South VIC 3169
Phone: 03 9037 3000
Email: vic.ra@leadersystems.com.au

Leader Support Services Departments

Leader Warranty Support

For ALL Leader Branded Notebooks, PC’s, Tablets and Servers you MUST call Leader Warranty Support on 1300 789 701 then Press Opt 1 to troubleshoot issues first. Leader will create the repair job number (RA#) if Warranty Service is required.

NOTE: Please have your Serial# off the device & Proof Of Sale ready when contacting Leader Support to validate the Warranty on the Product first.

Ubiquiti Warranty Support

Customers / Resellers need to can contact the Leader Ubiquiti Support Phone line or Email
Phone: 02 7903 5046 | Email: ubnt-support@leadersystems.com.au to Validate the Warranty and confirm the Fault. Many issues can be resolved by Resetting devices / applying latest Firmwares from Ubiquiti.

NOTE: Please have your Serial# off the device & Proof Of Sale ready when contacting the Leader Ubiquiti Support Team.

Yealink Warranty Support

Customers / Resellers MUST first apply the latest Yealink Firmware if available and a Factory Reset as this resolves majority of issues. If no success please contact Yealink Support on PH:08 7078 5300 to assist in Fault finding.

NOTE: Leader doesn’t repair Yealink hardware but on sends the Yealink product back to the Manufacturers for repair. It is important to follow the first steps mentioned as Manufactures may return devices with a No Fault Find Fee ($44.00 Gst Incl)

Asus Warranty Support

Leader can now only accept claims if the unit is returned with valid RMA that carries “AUAA” prefix. (e.g. AUAAJA0700) Units issued under “ASUS” should be redirected back to ASUS directly for servicing.

Please call ASUS Support (Wireless Networking) on 1300 278 788 to obtain ASUS RMA number.